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In 2004 Chef Kerry Bowden started his BBQ journey. Like most people, his first rounds of BBQ was a learning experience. From those humble beginnings, he has become a notable pitmaster, chef, and a certified BBQ Judge. He has cooked with many top chefs and was trained by a 4-time world BBQ champion. Some of the live-fire events include multiple years as a featured pitmaster at a live-fire event multiple times, 

 We have been asked many times about our name. But you are not Firefighters? Well no we are not, but much of my family is either police or firefighters. My great uncles, cousins, and uncles were either NYPD or FDNY with one uncle who ended up being a chief Inspector and ran the data operations of the pension system for NYPD. The other ended up being one of three assistant chiefs of the FDNY and he was the borough commander for three of the five boroughs, My father was the Captain of Engine 41 "Da" South Bronx that year they answered 353,458 alarms, worked over 130,000 fires and worked over 52,000 Structural fires. Yes in 1974 the South Bronx was on fire and my father and Engine 41 were in the middle of it. When I  was thinking of a name for the catering company my father suggested it as a way to honor the firefighters that they lost in 9/11. He really loved those guys.


Lt Michael Healy   FF Thomas Cullen iii  FF Robert Hamilton  FF Michael Lyons

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